About Lesli Gooch


National Policy Leader and Businesswoman

Dr. Lesli Gooch has been an effective voice in Washington, fighting for the needs of the Inland Empire for the past fifteen years.  As the Senior Policy Director for the 31st Congressional District, Lesli has first-hand experience influencing national policy on behalf of the Inland Empire region. She took on the Washington bureaucracy and made it work for the Inland Empire.

As a national policy leader, Lesli has crafted and advocated for robust fiscal measures that promote economic growth, job creation, responsible consumer protection, and strengthening our Nation’s capital markets.  She led initiatives in Washington that stabilized the Inland Empire housing market and reduced taxpayer losses for our region during the economic crisis.

Lesli is an Inland Empire native who has personally influenced national policy on behalf of the Inland Empire. Bringing her specialized knowledge back to the region after the financial upheaval of 2008, Lesli chose to leave her position in the Capitol temporarily in order to help Inland Empire homeowners through the housing crisis.  Using her background in financial services, she organized events which brought banks and homeowners face-to-face at a time when many District 31 residents were frustrated with lenders who were avoiding customer contact.  Stabilizing the region’s housing market by leading effective initiatives in Washington – she also helped taxpayers reduce their losses during the crisis.

Lesli cares about small business.  She and her husband Gary are small business owners and know all too well the need to reduce taxes and the burdensome regulations that are currently strangling businesses and hampering economic growth.

Education and service to country are also close to Lesli’s heart.  Her mother was an elementary teacher and professor, now retired from Cal-State San Bernardino.  Her father, grandfather, and father-in-law served our country in uniform, as did her husband, Lt. Col. Gary Gooch, a retired United States Army field artillery officer. Lesli understands the importance of maintaining incentives for American ingenuity and educating our children to be ready to compete in a global economy.

A former intern to the Clerk of the United States Supreme Court, Lesli started out in her first job selling oranges at a fruit stand in Riverside.  Later, she worked her way through college as a cashier and was selected for a graduate fellowship at the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center at the University of Oklahoma. Lesli earned her Ph.D. there in Political Science with a focus in congressional studies, public policy, and public administration.

Lesli Gooch’s education and experience make her the clear choice for Congress.

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